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The Navaho
by Clyde Kluckhohn, Lucy Kluckhohn (Designer), Dorothea Leighton (Contributor)

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Usually ships in 2-3 days. Originally compiled in the 1940's and updated in 1962 this book from the Harvard Press tells everything most have an interest in about Navajos and their daily lives, language and culture. Unfortunately, much of what is discussed here about beliefs has not made it to the current generation, never-the-less it provides a framework from which the present Navajo people evolved. Answers to most questions submitted to our website can be found within this book's covers. Highly Recommended
Navaho LegendsUsually ships in 2-3 daysCollected and Translated By Washington Matthews beginning in 1880. Originally Published in 1897. / Paperback / Reprinted by University of Utah 1994
Our Price: $15.96 ~ You Save: $3.99 (20%)

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Dine' Bahane:
The Navajo Creation Story
Usually ships in 24 hours Paul Zolbrod(Translator) / Paperback / Published 1988
Our Price: $13.56 ~ You Save: $3.39 (20%) A Better Collection of translated Navajo Creation Stories and other tales. Very direct translation which may offend some who are not comfortable with frank discussions of all phases of being human.
img dineh myths
Order "Navaho Indian Myths
Aileen O'Bryan (Translator) Paperback - 187 pages reprint edition (June 1993) Dimensions (in inches): 0.46 x 9.20 x 6.14 Sales Rank: 169,220

Order Navajo Stories of The Long Walk Today
This is a rare find. Collected from Navajo elders in the 1960's by then newly created Navajo Community College, this view through Navajo eyes of the Dineh's subjugation, their forced removal to Ft. Sumner and their eventual repartriation to their homelands, gives an insight into who the Navajo are today. The book contains one of the few accounts of the battle at Navajo Fortress in Canyon DeChelly and the history of Massacre Cave. Recommended reading

Dine Bizaad : Speak, Read, Write Navajo : Lessons 1-10
Book and Tape by Irvy W. Goossen. Introduces Navajo alphabet and associated phonetic pronunciations. ( A Navajo alphabet True Type font is offerred elsewhere in this website.)
Review - The publisher , May 16, 1996
Diné Bizaad is a first-year Navajo language textbook Diné Bizaad: Speak, Read, Write Navajo emphasizes the skills essential for a communicative approach to language learning. Each of the 30 chapters has a cultural or practical theme. Vocabulary and grammar are introduced and practiced within this context. Diné Bizaad was written with students in mind to give them the opportunity to use and enjoy the Navajo language. Irvy W. Goossen, a teacher and student of the Navajo language for many years is the author of Navajo Made Easier: A Course in Conversational Navajo. Clay Slate writes: " Irvy Goossen's newest contribution to the growing field of Navajo language curriculum will be valuable to many students and teachers of Navajo. It retains the strengths of Navajo Made Easier with dialogues and grammatical and cultural explanations. In addition, this new text includes student exercises and expanded grammatical material." --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title.
Current Edition by Raymond Friday Locke provides an overview of history, governmental relationships, and both historical and current political issues.
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Tony Hillerman Mysteries

Set in the Land of the Navajo and Hopi's, real places and cultural setting provide the stage where-in Hillerman weaves his mysteries. Popular with resident and tourist alike.
Talking God Book
Order Talking God
byTony Hillerman


A grave robber and a corpse force Navajo Tribal Police Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee to enter the dangerous land of superstition and ancient ceremony.

Order The Jim Chee Mysteries
by Tony Hillerman


Three classic Hillerman mysteries featuring Officer Jim Chee: The Dark Wind, People of Darkness and The Ghostway, offered in the wake of Hillerman's success with The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries.
Coyote Waits
Order Coyote Waits

byTony Hillerman

When Navajo Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez is murdered, Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee begin an investigation that unravels a complex plot involving an historical find, a lost fortune, and the mythical Coyote, who is always waiting--and always hungry. HC: HarperCollins.
Dance Hall
Order Dance Hall of the Dead
Tony Hillerman

Two boys suddenly disappear, and Lt. Joe Leaphorn sets out to locate them. Three things complicate the search: an archaeological dig, a steel hypodermic needle, and the strange laws of the Zuni Indians. A riveting mystery from the bestselling author of Talking God and Skinwalkers.
Sacred Clown
Order Sacred Clowns

by Tony Hillerman

What is captivating about the story is less the thrill of the chase and more the clarity of the scenes, the reflectiveness of the characters and, most of all, the way Jim Chee succeeds in resolving a conflict between Navajo values and those of the surrounding society without weighting the plot unduly or battering the reader with invidious cultural comparisons.
Listening Woman
Order Listening Woman

by Tony Hillerman

The state police and FBI are baffled when an old man and a teenaged girl are brutally murdered. The blind Navajo Listening Woman speaks of ghosts and witches. But Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn knows his people and begins an investigation that leads to the most violent confrontation of his career. Reissue.
Blessingway Book
Order The Blessingway
by Tony Hillerman

When Lt. Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police discovers a corpse with a mouth full of sand at a crime scene seemingly without tracks or clues, he is ready to suspect a supernatural killer. And what he must stalk is the Wolf-Witch along a chilling trail between mysticism and murder. Reissue
Ghostway Book
Order Ghostway
by Tony Hillerman

Reissued to tie-in with Hillerman's Coyote Waits. Tribal Policeman Jim Chee goes after a killer--and on an odyssey of murder and revenge that moves from an Indian hogan and its trapped ghost to the dark underbelly of LA to a healing ceremony whose cure could be death. "A first-rate story of suspense and mystery."--The New Yorker.

Between Sacred Mountains:
Navajo Stories and Lessons from the Land
by Sam Bingham & Janet Bingham


This may be available as an out of print item. It is a collection of narratives about the reservation from the eyes of those living there. Provides a cross section of the community. University of Arizona Press

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