From the Navajo Nation in the High Desert of America's Southwest...
Minutes from
Canyon De Chelly
A Unique Experience
Awaits You . . .

A very special doorway is now open for you. This entry leads to a remarkable cultural experience - something that has not been available in any other place or at any other time. This is your opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime journey into the world of the Navajo people.

Off the Beaten Track . .

. We are inviting you to enjoy "Coyote Pass Hospitality." How? By personally customizing your own adventure in Navajoland. Options abound when selecting lodging, meals, and especially cultural experiences. Off-the-beaten-track escapades are our specialty.

Caution: We Are Not for Everyone . . .

We pride ourselves in delivering more than views of passing scenery. We will need your time and attention. You may have studies assigned prior to your journey, so you can appreciate and comprehend your stay among us. We are able to recommend bus tours, but we have no desire to compete in this market. Our intent is to impart a feeling for the people, their way of life, and the land's many wonders.

The distinctive design of an Anasazi doorway is
clearly visible in this ruin in a remote side canyon.

- from a Native Perspective

Visit archeological sites and learn about the ancient peoples from some of their de- scendants. Opportunities are endless; Mesa Verde in Colorado, Aztec Ruins and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Navajo National Monument, Hovenweep, Wupatki and Homolovi in Arizona are within driving distance. You may also choose to visit other sites known only to the native people.

Nature's Scenic Vistas:

Walk in the "Land of Beauty" and see what nature has to offer. Hike in the Chuska Mountains, or on Black Mesa. Take a horseback ride into Canyon De Chelly. Explore the spires and monuments of Monument Valley. Visit the arches at Window Rock, Ventana Mesa, the Lukachukcai Book Cliffs and Sanostee Bridge. Marvel at the volcanic tower of Shiprock and its miles of radiating dikes. If deserts are more to your liking, wonder through the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, or the Bisti or Many Farms Badlands. Wherever you venture, you will find yourself surrounded by beauty. learn to walk in beauty again as you did when you were a child.

An In-Depth Look at the Navajo People. . .

Your guides will shepherd you through the many facets of Navajo life: oral tradition, ethnographic interpretation, ceremonies, herbology, and philosophy. Sit with a rug weaver while she works, or watch a silversmith at his craft. You may expand your knowledge to include neighboring tribes: Our guides are knowledgeable about the other native American cultures of the Southwest.

Cultural Enrichment

Experience life as a Native American. let your guides open doors to Navajo traditions such as Yeibeichei dances, Navajo rodeos, Song and Dances, and Pow Wows. Visit with the pueblo peoples of Zuni, Hopi, Acoma, or the Rio Grande Pueblos. Also nearby are the Ute Indians of Colorado or the Apaches of central Arizona and New Mexico.

Traditional Hogan Bed and Breakfast

Enhance your visit to Navajoland by staying in traditional hogan. Choose from a variety of sites: Beauty Under the Tree located in a pine forest in Tsaile, Arizona, Green Canyon Meadow is our desert wintering camp in Lukachukai, Arizona, and Horse line Cliffs is the high alpine location in the Chuska Mountains. Other sites are available upon request.

The hogan, an octagonal structure made of pine logs and earth, is a single-room dwelling with earthen floors. They are well insulated and stay cool in the Summer and are easily warmed in the Winter. Most are heated by a central wood stove and do not have running water (out-houses are provided!) If you choose to stay at one of these sites you will need to bring a sleeping bag and appropriate clothing. During the summer months, shorts are fine during the daytime and pants and a light jacket at night. During the Spring, Fall, or Winter long pants, heavy sweaters, socks and boots are recommended. A traditional Navajo breakfast will be provided each morning. Additional meals can be arranged at an extra cost. Due to our remote location, special diets are difficult to cater and we do ask that you bring any required foodstuffs that are not likely to be found in a rural area.


Private Tours

- Groups are limited to a maximum of 15 to ensure attention. Smaller groups are recommended to make the most of your excursion. For any tours requiring transportation, please arrange for own vehicle (4-wheel-drive recommended, spacious enough to seat your group and your guide. Rentals are available, All-Wheel-Drive Mini-vans are NOT sufficient.) Tour rates are $20 an hour.

Cultural Consulting

This includes in-depth experiences with Will Tsosie and other artisans, craftsmen and women. Try our home stay programs, or ask about our many cultural crafts workshops (sand painting, pottery, weaving, etc.) Out of respect for certain long standing Navajo traditions, there may be seasonal restrictions for various activities. Please check in advance. Rates for consulting are based on individual itinerary quotes. This service is primarily for professional writers and researchers.

Lodging and Accommodations

Groups are limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) people. If you would like meals other than breakfast, please request them in advance! Rates are per person: $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner.

Bed and Breakfast

Rates are $85 per night for one person. Additional guests are $15 each per night.

Reservations and General Information

Prior reservations are required for accommodations, tours and consulting. Itinerary selection should be completed in advance, at which time you shall receive a cost estimate for your excursion. Mail the full amount of the reservation. All telephone reservations will be held for up to seven days, pending receipt of your deposit. Our Federal Express mailing address is: House #40 NHA Housing, Junction of Navajo Routes 12 & 13, Lukachulai, Arizona 86507. The full balance is due on all reservations fourteen days in advance. All pre-paid reservations are guarenteed. Prices are subject to change without notice, Please verify prices when you make your reservation. Allow adequate insurance coverage for sickness, accidents, injury, theft and other eventualities. The proprietors will take all care, but we cannot be responsible for unforseeable circumstances.

Getting Here.. Check-in is between 4:00 and 6:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
(The Navajo Reservation, unlike the rest of Arizona, observes Daylight Savings Time!)
Please telephone us if you expect to be late.
If you did not arrange to have dinner with us, Tsaile has NO eating establishments, however, Chinle has many, so you may want to eat there if it is on your route, or plan on making the 30 minute trip to the south.

It is a very good idea to telephone us at (928) 724-3383 the day before your arrival, just to touch base. Don't worry if you get the answering machine. Please leave a short message stating who you are, where you are and what your plans are before you arrive. If at all possible, avoid driving at night. Most of the Navajo Reservation is Open Range. There might be large animals on the roads, or grazing on the shoulders.
We have provided an enhanced map of the Four Corners with all major roads identified. Tsaile is circled. It is near the junction of Navajo Route 64 (North Rim Drive of Canyon De Chelly) and Navajo Route 12. At this junction are two stores: JD's Convenience Store and Wilkinson's Trading/Cononco. Call us from the pay phone at JD's and we will come and meet you. Just tell us what kind and what color vehicle you are driving. If no one answers and you get the answering machine, no answer, and/ or get lost, don't worry! Please leave a message stating the time, your location and if possible the phone number where you are at. Try calling every thirty minutes if you can't get through - local telephone lines have been known to go down at times. You also can call our backup number which is (928) 787-2295.

For More Information

Will B. Tsosie
Coyote Pass Hospitality
PO Box 91-B
Tsaile, Arizona 86556
Telephone (928) 724-3383
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