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Free True Type Font Face
Navajo Times Roman


And Installation Instructions

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Note: The Navajo Language uses a combination of glottal stops, nasal tone and high tone diacritical marks on vowels and two additional characters that the English alphabet lacks.This font maps out these characters using keys that are normally little used. If you wish to use any of the "special characters" on the top row of keys, or the curved or square brackets next to the return key, you must change back to the standard Times Roman font to get them.

Down Load Instructions

Print these instructions

It is recommended that if you do not have a directory named "downloads" you create one on your drive when you down load this file, then use it file future downloads as well.

    The Following Navajo Fonts are for a Windows PC. Move the cursor over each font name and click the right mouse button.
    Choose "Save target as" from the pop-up menu to move the font to your computer.
  1. Navajo Verdana Font Package
  2. Navajo Times Roman
  3. Navajo Times Bold
  4. Navajo Times Italic
  5. Navajo Times Bold Italic
    When fonts all are downloaded, Close your browser and open Windows Explorer.
    Go to the directory where you downloaded the fonts.
    Click on each font file to install it. When you click on the Verdana file, you will see four fonts on the display. Click on each one to install it.
    Once the fonts are installed, Close all Windows!
    To use the Navajo Font, Go into a word processing application and select the Navajo Times Roman Font and type size
screen capture of key translations
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