Traditional Navajo Taboos

Babies & Infants, and Small Children

  1. Do not make an infant laugh while it is still tiny because it is dangerous.  It will effect the baby later and it will not be able to laugh when it grows up.
  2. Do not get after babies or cuss at them or they will be worse.  Do not tease babies or hurt them because they will think bad about you and you will be like that.
  3. Do not hold a mirror up to a baby or the baby will go blind.
  4. Do not cut a baby's hair when it is small because it will not think right when it gets older.
  5. Do not hit babies in the mouth because they will be stubborn and slow to talk.
  6. Do not allow a cat near a new baby because the cat will suffocate it.
  7. Do not give babies things you really like because the baby might die.
  8. Do not leave a baby's track on the ground because a witch can use the track to hurt the baby.
  9. Do not tell little children giant stories or they will be stupid.
  10. Do not leave a baby alone at night or ghosts might shock them.
  11. Do not take a baby outside at night without ashes because ghost might harm it.
  12. Do not hold a baby upside down or it will have a flat front.
  13. Do not let a baby's head stay to one side in the cradleboard or it will have a wide head.
  14. Do not let a baby cross its fingers or its mother will have another one right away.

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