Traditional Navajo Taboos

Sacred Corn- Food

  1. Do not drink water after you eat fresh corn or you will still be empty and the rest of the corn will freeze.
  2. Do not put corn in the water or it will cause a flood.
  3. Do not blow on hot corn or you will lose your teeth before you are old.
  4. Do not blow on corn pollen because you will get lung cancer or disease.
  5. Do not run around while eating corn or it will choke you.
  6. Do not eat twin ears of corn or you will have twins.
  7. Do not leave a pile of corn outside too  long or the sum will take it.
  8. Do not put corn pollen in your car without the medicine man's consent or you will have a wreck.
  9. Do not waste or play with corn pollen or you will have bad luck.
  10. Do not put partly eaten corn back to cook when you are roasting it or your crop will just die out.
  11. Do not bite on roasting corn and then put it back or it will get cold and ruin the rest of your crop.  Also, your teeth will fall out.
  12. Do not shake a sack that had corn in it because it is bad luck, you could lose your corn, or there will be no corn pollen.

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