Traditional Navajo Taboos Sacred Corn Growing In the Field

  1. Do not pollute the air (pass gas) in a cornfield, or the corn will puff up and get moldy.
  2. Do not plant corn when you are too tired or the corn will be lazy too and will not grow.
  3. Do not plant corn barefooted or it will be flat.
  4. Do not plant mixed corn or it won't grow.
  5. Do not burn cornstalks because it is the same as burning your field.
  6. Do not leave corn lying around on the ground because it will cry and won't be any good.
  7. Do not lay on cornstalk because they are sacred and produce pollen.
  8. Do not leave your tracks in a cornfield because you will lose your crop.
  9. Do not hide anything in the cornfield because the corn will not ripen right.
  10. Do not eat in a cornfield or you will get an upset stomach.
  11. Do not comb your hair in a cornfield or your hair will fall out.
  12. Do not throw corn on the ground or your crop will fail.
  13. Do not sleep in a cornfield because you will have bad dreams.
  14. Do not make jokes while harvesting or your corn will not grow next time.
  15. Do not throw any seeds away or you crops will not grow much.
  16. Do not climb a fruit tree at night or it will not have fruit and it will not grow.
  17. Do not point at melons with your forefinger or you will have less and they will lose their taste.
  18. Do not eat a melon and throw the rind in the field because they will not grow there any more.
  19. Do not leave out squash when you plant or you will not survive the winter.
  20. Do not pick small pumpkins before they are ripe or you will not grow much.
  21. Do not make eyes for a scarecrow or you will go blind.
  22. Do not use a dead man's clothes for the scarecrow or he will come back for his clothes.

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