Traditional Navajo Taboos


  1. Do not face your house any direction but east, towards the sunrise or evil will come in and good luck will not find the door
    This is more correctly stated as face the home toward the arrival of Father Sun each day, to gain his enery and warmth.
  2. Do not go immediately up to a door when you approach a house because you might be bringing evil spirits with you or bad things that have followed you.
  3. Do not go through a window unless you go back that same way or you will not grow.
  4. Do not go to the right of the stove when you visit someone or you will cause harm to yourself or others.
  5. Do not climb through the smoke hole of the hogan or you will have bad luck.  That is the entrance for good and bad spirits.
  6. Do not run around the stove or your hogan will burn up.
  7. Do not throw your hat around the house or you will go crazy. (Certainly parents or others living there might!)
  8. Do not leave the door close all the time during the day or you will shut out good things.
  9. Do not leave your house messy or dirty because that will invite the poverty people.
  10. Do not climb on top of the hogan or you will bring bad luck to your family. 
  11. Do not leave a bucket of ashes around the house because you will drive away good things and invite the poverty people.
  12. Do not look at your mother-in-law or speak to her because you will go blind or have trouble.

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