Traditional Navajo Taboos


  1. Do not leave the house while your husband is hunting or he will not have any luck.
  2. Do not wash your hair while your husband is hunting or he will not get anything.
  3. Do not throw deerskin or bones away because they are sacred and you will not have any luck hunting.
  4. Do not carry a deer you have killed without cutting the chest or you will have bad luck.
  5. Do not feed deer meat to dogs or you will not get any more.
  6. Do not skin a rabbit with another one looking because you will get no more rabbits and the other one will witch you.
  7. Do not spit, sleep, eat in a catch pen, or where one was or you will get no more game and have bad luck.  If this happens a ceremony is needed.
  8. Do not kill a deer without leaving part of it or you will never get another one.
  9. Do not throw the skin of a deer where the sheep can walk on it or they will be wild like the deer.

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