Traditional Navajo Taboos

  1. Do not sleep with your head pointing to the North or you might die.  North is the direction of evil and dead people lie that way.
  2. Do not sleep with your head towards the head end of a sheepskin because it will run off with you during the night.
  3. Do not sleep with your doll because it might choke you.
  4. Do not sleep too much or too late in the day or you will get old soon and have spots on your face.
  5. Do not sleep at sunset or you will be sick often.
  6. Do not leave your shoes under your pillow when you sleep or you will go deaf and have bad dreams.
  7. Do not sleep with a cat or dog because you will have stomach trouble and get a bad smell inside of you.
  8. Do not sleep with a rug under your head because you will not sleep well and you will have nightmares.
  9. Do not use a rock for a pillow because it will cause bad dreams or you will have a deformed head.
  10. Do not put your arms on your chest when you sleep because you will not wake up or you will talk in your sleep.
  11. Do not sleep with your hat on or it will grow on your head.
  12. Do not walk over someone's leg while they are sleeping or you will get a leg ache.
  13. Do not go to bed early in the evening because the poverty people will come around.
  14. Do not sleep past sunup because all the good things will pass you by.
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