Traditional Navajo Taboos


  1. Do not hit anyone with weaving tools, or cracked tools,  because they will be paralyzed in the future.
  2. Do not spank your children with weaving tools or they will get sick,
  3. Do not have a weaving comb with six points or your baby might have six fingers.
  4. Do not go between the poles of a loom when a woman is weaving because you won't grow, you will cause evil, or she will not get much for the rug.
  5. Do not have the loom of the weaving stand too long or it will tire and hurt you.
  6. Do not eat or drink while you prepare the loom for the rug or you will get poor and not get much for the rug.
  7. Do not eat while you are weaving because it will go slow and the rug will not be any good.
  8. Do not weave a Yei figure with one eye smaller or one leg shorter or it will effect you that way in later life, or it can affect your baby. (Not to mention lower the price of a normally symettrical rug pattern!)
  9. Do not leave a Yei figure in a rug unfinished or the Yeis get angry and you will have bad luck.
  10. Do not be stubborn while weaving a rug or it will not be worth much.
  11. Do not throw weaving tools or you will never finish the weaving.
  12. Do not burn weaving tools or the Yeis will get angry and you will have bad luck.
  13. Do not weave if you do not know a weaving song or the rug will not be any good.
  14. Do not weave when it is raining or it will cause the loom to fall.
  15. Do not stand by the loom when it is raining because lightning might strike you.
  16. Do not pass things through the loom because anything such as beads, food, or yarn will be lost.
  17. Do not bump into or move around a loom you are preparing for a rug or it will be crooked and you will not be able to get it straight.
  18. Do not leave carded wool too long because when you start weaving it will not like it and you will have trouble.
  19. Do not make fun of your weaving or it will get worse and you will be poor.
  20. Do not leave a loom outside or it will collect bad things.
  21. Do not cut wood off a loom once it is made, because you will have a short life.
  22. Do not steal a rug, wool, or weaving tools or you will never be lucky and always have bad luck.
    (Especially if you are caught!)
  23. Do not weave any taboo animal into a rug because you will have all the bad luck associated with that animal.
  24. Do not hang rugs in the sun or the sun will take it as an insult.
  25. Do not weave on the north side of the hogan or the rug will not be worth anything.
  26. Do not drag your rugs on the ground because it cause poverty.
  27. Do not leave an unfinished rug out at night because it might be witched and you will not be able to finish it or sell it.
  28. Do not put a rug over your horses face or it will go blind.

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