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Navajo Clown from opposite Thunderbird Lodge, Chinle

Rugs,Rugs, and More Rugs!

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Since the Navajo people first acquired Churro sheep from the Spanish, weaving and sheep have helped define the culture. These represent some of the better pages available about Navajo Rugs. Through them, Tom Bahti's chart of weaving areas and dye charts showing what colors result from the use of which plants can be found. There are examples of rugs for all major weaving areas. From Scotland is a biography of Cozy MacFadden who was influential in helping to develop weaving in the central Navajo Nation. Included are contacts with traders and some weavers.

Rugs, Weaving and Some History

Sandpainting Rug

History of Navajo Weaving

This appears to be a quality paper, perhaps a thesis. It should prove to be a valuable resource.

Cozy MacSporran, a trader operating the Thunderbird Lodge at the mouth of Canyon DeChelly in Chinle, helped weavers develop quality and the distinctive Chinle Style. ( Historical description)
This biography comes from his clan's records in Scotland.

Linda Bayless writes this work which goes from the first Churra sheep to Bosque Redondo and ends in this era. The Holbrook, Arizona Journal is the source. This site has been off line and might be available through"

"Lesson Plans and Discussion Questions About Navajo Rugs">

Getty Trust Lesson Plans for K-12 on Navajo Weaving

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    Tom passed away many years ago in Tucson, but this work goes on and on. There is good supporting explanations. Sources for posters on Dye Charts and Area Maps.

    Care, Feeding and Displaying Navajo Rugs

    Rug Auctions

    Crownpoint Rug Auctions

    This is the superlative rug auction. Crownpoint is about one hour east of Gallup, New Mexico

    Rug Images

  • U.S. Government Display of Navajo Rugs

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