Navajo Taboos

This was originally posted by Gallup McKinley County but is no longer on their website.

The source appears to have been Gallup, New Mexico author Ernest Bulow's book by the same title. The soft cover book was first published in 1972 with reprints in 1982. It had its origins in an earlier publication by the Navajo Nation (then Navajo Tribe). The Author was a teacher at Ft. Wingate north of Window Rock for many years.
What is presented here is but a partial list of the taboos and text included in the original publication. At first, the book seems to be more a curiosity for tourists than any serious investigation. Little information is given beyond what is listed as an explanation of the reason for the taboo. The source of many of the items were his students during the 1960's when the Navajo language was still the dominant language in Navajoland.

Accuracy and authenticity cannot be guarenteed.
Typical reaction of many Dineh who read it now, is "Where did he come up with that?"

The book may still be purchased directly from Bulow at his website Current price for the hardbound autographed edition is fifty dollars. He has given his verbal permission to include this partial listing on the site.

The softcover book is out of print, but Amazon lists copies at used book dealers ranging in price from its original $15 price to $30. (The price penciled on my copy is $3.95!) , in assc with

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